Middle School

The Years 7 – 10 curriculum program at Downlands College is also known as the ‘Middle School’ curriculum program.

In these very important years of secondary school, Downlands College aims to provide all students with a quality curriculum which is brought to life in classrooms and beyond by contemporary approaches to learning and teaching.

How are the units of study in Years 7 – 10 organised?

The Middle School Curriculum program is based on the Australian Curriculum and the Queensland Essential Learnings. It involves units of study organised into Downlands College learning areas.

The Downlands College learning areas in Years 7 – 10 are as follows:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities including History and Geography
  • Languages
  • The Arts
  • Technology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Agricultural Education
  • Business Studies

Details of the specific units of study are set out in Units of Study section of the Years 7 - 10 Curriculum Handbook.

Encouraging students to develop a love of learning, as well as promoting student success at learning are central to the Middle School curriculum program. At Downlands College, the concept of success is recognised in broad terms and in such a way as to build the academic strengths of all students. In essence, our aim is to engage students in learning processes which will help them to strengthen their learning gifts, talents and abilities.

The Downlands College Years 7 - 10 curriculum program is aligned to state and national developments in curriculum and it is therefore both relevant and current to today’s adolescent learner. Our program reflects both a breadth and depth of learning and it prepares students well for study in Years 11 and 12 and beyond.

The Years 7 - 10 Curriculum Handbook outlines information which explains how the curriculum is organised and provides advice on how students and parents/carers can work in partnership with the school to plan a well-rounded and success-oriented curriculum experience for all students.

  • Throughout these years of secondary schooling, the Middle School curriculum program aims to:
  • implement the Australian Curriculum and the Queensland Essential Learnings
  • infuse teaching and learning with our MSC Pedagogy of the Heart and Habits of Mind
  • promote and acknowledge academic excellence
  • encourage all students to achieve to the very best of their ability
  • continuously improve assessment and reporting processes
  • embed Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs) in all learning areas
  • regularly monitor and report on individual student academic progress
  • allow students to have some choice in the design of their specific curriculum program
  • adequately prepare students for transition into the Senior years of schooling.

How is the Years 7 – 10 curriculum program structured across semesters?

The Middle School Curriculum Program spans eight semesters of study and extends from the beginning of Year 7 until the end of Year 10. Each semester, students experience a selection of units of study across a number of learning areas. 

What is the length of a unit of study in Years 7 – 10?

For each semester of study across Years 7 – 10, the typical student curriculum program involves the study of seven units of study. Most Years 7 – 10 units of study are one semester (two terms) in length, with the exception of Year 7 units of study in Technology and The Arts, which are one term in length.

Please note that adjustments to the typical student workload can be made for students with learning difficulties, for gifted and talented students, and for other circumstances particular to the needs of an individual student. Variations to a typical student workload should be discussed with the Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning.