Junior School

After the successful introduction and continued success of Years 5 & 6 at Downlands, the College welcomed Year 4 students in 2019. 

Downlands College aims to provide all students with a quality curriculum which is brought to life in classrooms and beyond by contemporary approaches to learning and teaching.

Encouraging students to develop a love of learning, as well as promoting student success at learning are central to the Years 4-6 curriculum program. At Downlands College, the concept of success is recognised in broad terms and in such a way as to build the academic strengths of all students. In essence, our aim is to engage students in learning processes which will help them to strengthen their learning gifts, talents and abilities.

The Downlands College Years 4-6 curriculum is aligned to state and national developments in curriculum and it is, therefore, both relevant and current to today’s adolescent learner. Our 4-6 curriculum reflects both a breadth and depth of learning and it prepares students well for study in Years 7 to 12 and beyond. 

English, Mathematics and Religious Education are taught by a core classroom teacher; while specialists teach: Humanities, Science, French, Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Health and Physical Education, Digital Technology and Design Technology. An exciting 2019 initiative is a Junior School Enrichment Program that will run each Friday.

The Years 4-6 curriculum program aims to:

  • implement the Australian Curriculum;
  • infuse teaching and learning with our MSC Pedagogy of the Heart;
  • promote and acknowledge academic excellence;
  • encourage all students to achieve to the very best of their ability;
  • continuously improve assessment and reporting processes;
  • embed Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs) in all learning areas;
  • regularly monitor and report on individual student academic progress;
  • adequately prepare students for transition into Year 7

All students will study:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • The Arts
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Design Technologies
  • Digital Technologies 

In 2019, Downlands introduced a Sacramental Program for students in the Junior School. The program has involved preparation for Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist. Our Junior School Sacramental Program has been an exciting initiative for the College and has provided us with another opportunity to build on the faith journey of our young students, as well as bring community together.

Click to read about the Junior School Sacramental Program

Downlands Junior School students will be based in the spacious, newly renovated Junior School Precinct in Mooney Wing.

Downlands Junior School - Staff Structure

  • Learning Support Teacher – Ms Mary Green
  • Teacher of Years 4 to 6 (Music and Drama Specialist) – Ms Rosanne Pietsch
  • Year 4 Blue – Mrs Kara Locke
  • Year 4/5 Red – Mrs Leigh Lucht (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Year 5 Blue – Miss Katelyn Hannah
  • Year 6 Red – Mr Michael West
  • Year 6 Blue – Mr Keith Blaikie (Junior School Team Leader)