The Downlands College Equestrian program is continually expanding, with interest in the sport growing each year. Students have the opportunity to perform in regional and state events.

The program is open to both female and male students who have a passion for riding.

Person in Charge
Ms Merilyn Rohde

Important Carnivals
Darling Downs Interschool Equestrian Championships

For competition information see EQ interschool website

Teams Available
Downlands Equestrian Team

Locations vary

Downlands College blazer for unmounted presentation
Senior or Junior school shirt and tie, College jumper, cream jodphurs. Riders may wear navy / French navy riding jacket (red vest optional) with white stock (Downlands stock may be available).
Stable work - Sports shirt, shorts / blue jeans and tracksuit

College saddlecloth - approx. $88
All competition and stabling fees