At Downlands, you are part of a family built on strong traditions. Strong values and Senior
role models encourage students to make wise choices.

At Downlands we want our students to do well at school, and also in life, by being good people - strong in mind, spirit and faith. With a history reaching back to the mid 19th century in France, the MSC Ethos at Downlands distinctively focuses on the “Spirituality of the Heart” which offers a listening and compassionate heart through relationships in community rather than fixed answers and dogmatic solutions.



Our MSC Ethos

Staff and students experience the Ethos as true friendship, kindness, compassion, humility, forgiveness, gentleness, understanding, hospitality, simplicity and a sense of humour.

Spirituality of the Heart underpins our heart-centred approach.
Every term a school-wide Mission Lesson is presented and all year levels participate in days that reinforce the Charism of the MSC. This allows students to reflect on what makes being at an MSC school so special.



Quality Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care program is based on the teachings of Jules Chevalier and every member of staff is considered part of the Pastoral Care team.

Using clear, direct and open communication, staff model and teach the skills needed to be part of a vibrant community.

We are guided by MSC Constitution #32:

Ours is a spirit of family and true friendship formed by kindness and understanding, by compassion and mutual forgiveness, by gentleness, humility and simplicity, by hospitality and a sense of humour.

Downlands students are involved in fundraising and serving the community through the Jules Social Justice Group and by volunteering at Rosies, the Toowoomba Refugee and Migrant Service and providing breakfast at a local state primary school..
Monthly liturgical celebrations are celebrated at the College. Boarders attend a weekly Sunday mass and early morning mass on a Friday is offered to staff and students.



Student Formation Pilgrimage

Each year our Student Leaders make a pilgrimage to places of MSC and Catholic significance in Sydney, and most importantly, to MSC heartland at St Mary’s Towers in Douglas Park south of Sydney.