The Science Robotics Club is an out-of-school-hours club which offers students the chance to do science and robotics related activities that extend and enhance the science and technology they experience in the classroom.

The Club aims:

  • To encourage interest in Science and Technology
  • To provide opportunities and facilities to support scientific interest
  • To encourage a spirit of comradeship
  • To liaise with other organizations who share these aims
  • To search & promote the science talent and bring it to the limelight
  • To enter the club into competitions in the surrounding region
  • To tour science events around the state
  • To tour science events around the world.

What are we going to do?

  • Identification of problems & their Scientific solutions
  • Experiments and Activities including bridge building, water rockets, mouse car racer, hover craft, eco house, air car and model aeroplanes
  • Visits to Industry & Universities
  • QMEA Visits
  • Talks from Scientists
  • Challenges or Competitions
  • Award Schemes

Club members usually meet on Tuesdays, 3:05-4:35pm 
There are no external trips planned as yet.
Please contact the coordinator, Mr Rudi Ghidella, for more information.