Co-Curricular Choice

Beyond the classroom, Downlanders can choose from a range of interest-based activities to complement their academic studies.

These co-curricular activities provide a chance to develop the balance so essential for wellbeing in adult life. At Downlands all levels of ability are catered for.

Parents are strongly encouraged to be involved within their children’s co-curricular pursuits, particularly through their attendance at performances and matches. This attendance is invaluable and creates an environment which is conducive to quality performances and helps develop a united, supportive approach.

Co-Curricular choices currently available include a mix of cultural, sport, personal development and agricultural activities:

Co-Curricular involvement is a chance to:

  • Try something new in a supportive environment
  • Have fun
  • Learn new cultural or physical skills
  • Develop an additional interest that may be lifelong
  • Mix positively with a multi-age group
  • It’s through this co-curricular involvement that students develop skills that they can use for the rest of their lives

Co-Curricular Publications


The adventure club provides opportunities for students to explore remote areas in SE Queensland and Northern NSW.

Extended trips in other areas may be offered depending on student and staff interest. A trip is planned for each term leaving on the Friday night and returning on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Costs are kept to a minimum but may include camping fees and entrance to national parks. Students would be expected to provide their own food and some specialist equipment such as a bike. The college has lightweight tents, backpacks and camping equipment available for student use. A pre trip planning meeting would usually be held prior to a club activity.

Other trips involving canoeing, snorkelling, mountain biking and fishing may be offered depending on staff expertise and student interest, Assistance from parents is always appreciated especially if you are qualified in any of the activities offered by the Club.

Contact the club coordinator:

Mission: To provide opportunities for students to extend their skills and explore places on mountain bikes or on foot.

Recent achievements: Located the wreck of a Stinson aircraft in Lamington National Park.

Coordinator: Mr Kent Holman

Uniform: Some specialist equipment is required eg. mountain bike, hiking gear, camping gear.

Communication: Via the Downlands College App and Parent Lounge

Locations: SE Qld and northern NSW

Fees: Camping Fees where applicable


Downlands enters teams into the Queensland Debating Union’s local competition and has established an excellent record of success.

Students from all year levels are encouraged to participate. The students also participate in a range of public speaking competitions such as the annual Constitutional Convention and oratory competitions for Junior and Senior students.

Contact Ms Jan Lowry for more information.


The DIVAS program aims to develop the qualities of Dedication, Initiative, Values, Active participation and Strength through a range of varied and engaging activities especially for our female students.

The program provides a safe, collaborative, ever-changing and rich network of friends and mentors through which girls can strive to fulfil their potential as students, women and citizens. 


Ms Janelle Cartwight

Student Ambassadors

Katie McDougall and Beth Daly


DIVAS activities are available all year. However, students are not required to commit to the season; girls are encouraged to attend any and all activities that interest them. 

Important Dates

For the upcoming year, DIVAS aim to engage as many girls as possible across a range of activities.

Our first event for 2018 was a colour run and slip’n’slide, attended by over 70 girls. Further activities won’t be held until later in Term 2 as many girls are involved with the College musical. Activities for the year can include movie visits, picnics, fundraising and will be well advertised to girls within the College community through notices, newsletter, whole school assemblies and posters.

An event which remains a highlight for the year is the Slumber Party which will run in Term 4. This event attracts more than 120 girls and is a wonderful way for the DIVAS year to end.


Nothing specific required


Permission letters for each individual activity will be available from 3 weeks prior to the event. Information will be available via Parent Lounge, the official Facebook page and the Downlands App.


Dependant on activity


Costs vary for each activity. Students who participate pay only for the events they attend. Our aim is to provide events at minimal cost for students.

Student Responsibilities                  

Students who participate in the DIVAS program are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the College Co-Curricular Code of Conduct.


The Science Robotics Club is an out-of-school-hours club which offers students the chance to do science and robotics related activities that extend and enhance the science and technology they experience in the classroom.

The Club aims:

  • To encourage interest in Science and Technology
  • To provide opportunities and facilities to support scientific interest
  • To encourage a spirit of comradeship
  • To liaise with other organizations who share these aims
  • To search & promote the science talent and bring it to the limelight
  • To enter the club into competitions in the surrounding region
  • To tour science events around the state
  • To tour science events around the world.

What are we going to do?

  • Identification of problems & their Scientific solutions
  • Experiments and Activities including bridge building, water rockets, mouse car racer, hover craft, eco house, air car and model aeroplanes
  • Visits to Industry & Universities
  • QMEA Visits
  • Talks from Scientists
  • Challenges or Competitions
  • Award Schemes

Club members usually meet on Tuesdays, 3:05-4:35pm 
There are no external trips planned as yet.
Please contact the coordinator, Mr Rudi Ghidella, for more information.