With the growing rise of digital and visual media and the significant role film, television and other media arts play in the daily lives of most humans, Downlands offers its students the opportunity to not only create and innovate across different media platforms, but to study its structures, key elements and place in history. The use of media, particularly visual media, across most academic and professional disciplines, demonstrates the relevance and advantage that studying Media provides students for their future careers. With the development of our own production studio and links with the growing media industry in Toowoomba, Downlands is well-equipped to provide the best media learning experiences for our students.

Academic Media

Downlands continues to broaden its media curriculum offering in 2016 with the introduction of Year 10 Media. Prior to Year 10, a number of Media learning experiences are embedded in other Arts electives. Downlands students have the opportunity to study Media in Semester Two Year 10, in preparation for our Senior Film, Television and New Media program. This introductory unit, developed from the Australian Curriculum – The Arts syllabus provides a practical, hands-on exploration of the key concepts, techniques, styles and genres associated with media. Students will have the opportunity to plan, shoot and edit their own works and critique hallmark works across their studies.

In Years 11 and 12, Film, Television and New Media is offered at Downlands as an Authority subject, contributing to both a student’s QCE and OP. The two year course of study, explores a range of styles and contexts, assessing students across the Design, Production and Critique dimensions of the subject. Students participate in an annual boot camp which involves a day of on-location filming across Toowoomba. The boot camp concludes with the premier of each student team’s work and the presentation of our own version of the Oscars.

Media Team Videos

The product of the hard work and dedication of our Media students can been seen in the videos created at major College events each year. These videos allow the whole Downlands community to be a part of the events which happen around our campus, which is especially important to our boarding families who live some distance away from the College and are unable to attend these events.

Here are a selection of videos filmed and produced in 2016: