Cattle Show Team

The Downlands College Cattle Show team attends local, regional and major Royal Agricultural Shows and specialist breeder shows, including the Rockhampton Beef Week held every three years.

Downlands College students prepare stud cattle across a range of breeds, along with an extensive commercial feeding and showing program to exhibit in carcase competitions. Furthermore, Downlands operates a small commercial herd to breed its own animals for hook and hoof competitions.

Opportunities exist for students of all ages, including our Junior students, to participate in Judging, Paraders and Herdsman competition at all levels. Downlands students enjoy consistent success at national and international levels.

Students are involved in integrated beef production from choosing sires, artificial insemination, calving, animal husbandry (vaccinations, drenching, marking and weaning), monitoring growth rates and determining feed efficiencies, recognising market viability indicators and making decisions on which beasts are suitable for breeding or market. Students follow cattle from conception through to calving, to the show ring then to the carcass competition and are able to observe, first hand, the results of breeding and feeding programs.

Team members are guided through cattle handling techniques from quietening to preparation to parading heifers and steers in the show ring. Small holding mustering and yard skills along with learning to observe and treat health issues of stock mean students are able to learn everything from the importance of a balanced feed regime to upholding WH&S standards.

Contact the CST Coordinator: Ms Brooke Cuddihy