The Downlands Choice

Choosing the right school to fit your daughter or son is an important decision for your family.

Like you, we want the best for your child, which means offering more choice than any other school on the Darling Downs.

Our first priority is education, with Downlands providing the widest choice of options for OP or Non-OP streams. We know your children and work with them individually, our teachers striving to ensure students achieve in their chosen areas.

Participating beyond the academic is also important at Downlands, with sporting, cultural and other co-curricular opportunities for both students and parents. 

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Choose Coeducation

As a coeducational high school, Downlands reflects the diversity of our society.

We provide an excellent foundation for the development of meaningful, realistic and lasting relationships in later life. Choosing Downlands also means that siblings can grow up together - and there is ample space to grow on our beautiful 38 hectare campus.

Choose Tradition

At Downlands you are part of a family built on strong traditions.

Current students ride on the achievements and successes of those who have gone before them, and who continue to excel both locally (like Mike Ahern and John McVeigh) and on the world stage (Will Power, Tim Horan, Professor Michele Ford).

Choose Values

As a Missionaries of the Sacred Heart College, we take on the responsibility of caring for your child in a way which will help them develop into good human beings.


Choose Affordability

Choosing Downlands means that families know exactly how much school costs, up front and we offer flexible payment choices to best match your family situation.

Choose Community

We welcome children and families who want to be part of our community and who want to make the most of opportunities offered at the College. 

These friendships, community and opportunities at Downlands create a network of support that extends long after graduation. Give your children the gift of a Downlands education and you give them a gift for life.