New Cashless System

November 2, 2018

As mentioned in the College newsletter, a new cashless tuckshop system will be trialled at the College for the remainder of Term 4.

The system, MyTuckshop, will be linked to students’ ID cards. Parents may access MyTuckshop via a link on their MyDownlands homepage. Simply click the link, read and accept the terms and conditions and you will be logged into your MyTuckshop dashboard. In the MyTuckshop dashboard you can load funds on your student/s' ID card, set daily limits and specify dietary requirements. During the trial period, students will only be able to use their card at the College Tuckshop.

Using the MyTuckshop cashless system, students can tap and go, so there is less waiting time at the tuckshop and the risk of losing cash is eliminated. Naturally, students should be aware that once cash is loaded onto her/his ID card, the ID card should be treated like cash. If the card is lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately. Both Parents, through MyTuckshop dashboard, and Administration have the ability to suspend activity on an ID card.

If you have any questions about MyTuckshop simply call 4690 9500 or email

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