Book Week Celebrations

August 24, 2018

It has been an exciting week for Downlands and the Cuskelly Library as we celebrated Children’s Book Week for the first time with our Junior students.

This year's theme “Find Your treasure” brought to mind pirates and mayhem on the high seas so the very talented Mrs Eveans transformed the Library circulation desk into a pirate ship! On Friday, our Librarians dressed as pirates and enjoyed performances by each of the Junior School classes.

Our Junior students spent time responding to the picture book M is for Mutiny which is a historical account of early settlement in Australia. Each class chose one page and one alphabet letter to write about and dressed up as characters from that page.

Year 5 Red chose the letter ‘T’ for Terra Nullius. The key to the treasure was for British Soldiers to say sorry to the aborigines for taking over their land. To represent this they dressed up as the soldiers and presented a play/PowerPoint on Eddie Mabo’s life.

Richard BellI liked learning about the British soldiers. It was fun dressing up and it was exciting to see dressing up to represent a different historical character.

Year 5 Blue chose the letter ‘E’ for Endeavour. James Cook’s life was profiled and the boat Endeavour was created. The children dressed as sailors and informed the Junior School of Captain Arthur Philip’s life.

Xavier LeeI enjoyed Book Week, especially because I was Captain Arthur Phillip and we made a ship to sail in for our play. I enjoyed seeing how the other classes dressed up for their roles. Thanks to the teachers for organising it all. It was heaps of fun!

Year 6 Blue chose the letter ‘P’ for Punishment. They created escape plans from Port Arthur in Tasmania to Hobart. They dressed up as convicts and they made punishment tools that were applicable at that time.

Alyssa RixI really enjoyed the play which involved Years 5 and 6. It was fun to dress up and act out the characters, which gave us all clearer perspectives on how they lived back then. It was great having the Year 10 students read their stories to us and also dress up in costumes.

Year 6 Red chose the letter ‘J’ for Jail. They also created escape plans, but from Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour back in 1839. They dressed up as ‘jailbirds’ and performed a routine to ‘Jailhouse Rock’.

Harvey Scarborough – Book Week was a lot of fun. It was great to learn more about how difficult it was back in 1839 and why they chose Cockatoo Island as a place to set up a goal. I really enjoyed dressing up as a ‘jailbird’. I also enjoyed listening to the information presented by the Year 5s.

Early in the week, each Year 5 and 6 class were also treated to stories written by Year 10 English students. The Year 10 students read their stories and bravely faced critiques by our students. Their stories were AWESOME! The Year 10 students joined in the ‘dress ups’ fun on Friday and their costumes were fabulous!

Thank you to all students for getting into the spirit of the week!


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