College Board

Downlands College is advised by a College Board, members of which are appointed by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) who have the ultimate responsibility for the College and set its future direction.

The MSC recently reviewed and revised the Constitutions of all four MSC schools to allow for changes to aspects of governance which involve a more inclusive model involving lay people. The Downlands Constitution explains how the College Board operates - click to read the Constitution

Briefly, the College Board is responsible to the corporate regulators (ASIC - ACNC) for legislative requirements and to the Non-State School Accreditation Board (NSSAB) for accreditation and registration. The Board approves College Policy through its four sub-committees (Ethos, Education, Finance and Audit, Risk Management) and provides advice to the Principal/MSC regarding strategic, financial, capital or educational changes envisioned for the College. The Board oversees the corporate governance of the College and while very interested in the day-to-day achievements/undertakings at Downlands, plays no role in managing the operational matters as they unfold in the normal course of operating a school. As an example, the Board would set the fee structure and approve the budget for the following year but would not intervene in curriculum, assessment or student management procedures. The Board expects the College to manage the education of students by following the policies it has approved, with all these policies reflective of and consistent with the Philosophy and Vision of Education in MSC schools. It is then the College’s role to set and implement procedures based on these policies.


2019 Board Members 

Mr Jon Wiedman

Appointed 2017


Mrs Julie Raitelli, Chair

Dip Ed, B Ed

School Principal 35 years


Dr Dorothy Andrews


Associate Professor, Education, USQ, Director of Leadership Research International (LRI/USQ)


Mr Stephen Koch

B Rural Sc (Hons), GDip.Ed. GDip.RE

Downlands College Principal from 1 January 2019


Mr Ian Mendes

BCom (Accounting) Hons, FCPA

Business Manager

Company Secretary


Fr Bob Irwin MSC

BA, M Ed, B Rel Stud, ACP, ATCL, CELTA

14 years as an MSC College Principal and previous staff member of Downlands


Mr Tom Khoo

B Pharm


Ms Kathy Doherty

Appointed 2017


Mr Jon Wiedman

Appointed 2017