The DIVAS program aims to develop the qualities of Dedication, Initiative, Values, Active participation and Strength through a range of varied and engaging activities especially for our female students.

The program provides a safe, collaborative, ever-changing and rich network of friends and mentors through which girls can strive to fulfil their potential as students, women and citizens.

This video was filmed by one of our talented marketeers at the 2015 DIVAS Slumber Party and gives more information about the DIVAS program.


Miss Janelle Cartwight

Student Ambassadors

Gabriella Fogarty and Hannah Eggerling


DIVAS activities are available all year. However, students are not required to commit to the season; girls are encouraged to attend any and all activities that interest them.

Important Dates

For the upcoming year, DIVAS aim is to engage as many girls as possible across a range of activities.

International Women's Day - students were asked to write affirmations for the women in their lives who make their day better. Many mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and staff were acknowledged by our purple flower affirmation board.

Many girls are already heavily committed with the College musical, therefore, further activities will commence later in Term 2. Activities for the year can include movie visits, picnics, fundraising and will be well advertised to girls within the College community.

One event which remains a highlight for the year is the Slumber Party which will run in Term 4.


Nothing specific required


Permission letters for each individual activity will be available from 3 weeks prior to the event. Information will be available via Parent Lounge, the official Facebook page and the Downlands App.



Dependant on activity


Costs vary for each activity. Students who participate pay only for the events they attend. Our aim is to provide some events in 2016 with minimal cost for students.

Student Responsibilities                  

Students who participate in the DIVAS program are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the College Co-Curricular Code of Conduct.