Parent Essentials

PARENT ESSENTIALS is the GO TO page for everything that you need to know about the start of the school year at Downlands. Scroll down to view booklists and forms.

Click to view the 2018 College Calendar Overview

The 2017 Information for Parents Booklet and 2017 Boarding Supplement

  • Please click to read the 2017 Information for Parents and 2017 Boarding Supplement - All parents should familiarise themselves with these documents as they contain valuable information about Downlands and include contact details, uniform expectations and College rules.
  • Parents/Carers should ensure that all forms are completed and returned to Downlands before the commencement of the school year.
  • Links to necessary forms and to all booklists are available by scrolling down this page.
  • If you have any questions, please telephone the College 07 4690 9500 or send an email to Ms Merilyn Rohde, Enrolments Coordinator.

Downlands News

To keep up-to-date on all school news, parents and carers are encouraged to become familiar with the many ways in which Downlands communicates with families, including:

  • reading monthly Downlands e-Newsletters (available on OUR COMMUNITY - NEWS page of this website);
  • checking that emails from Downlands College are NOT being directed to SPAM or JUNK folders
  • checking PARENT LOUNGE (available through My.Downlands) to see Daily School Notices and view the Calendar as well as many other useful tools (see PARENT LOUNGE details below).
  • for regular updates and photos be sure to follow Downlands College (official), Downlands College Sport and Downlands College Performing Arts on Facebook.


Parent Lounge is a web-based application that allows parents and carers to view information such as:

  • their child's academic reports,
  • timetable information,
  • medical information,
  • address information,
  • teacher email addresses and
  • the live College Calendar.
Read our 'How To' Guide for Parent Lounge

Click here to access Parent Lounge.


Booklist orders can be placed online at

Please note the pre filled quantities are as per the requirements set by the College, these can be increased or decreased. Once you have placed your order click ‘add to cart’ at the bottom of the page to checkout. Payment through The School Locker website is via credit card or paypal.
  • Orders placed on or before the 15/12/17 will be guaranteed delivery by the 19/01/18 in time for back to school. 
  • Orders placed on or before the 24/12/2017 will receive free delivery. 
  • Boarding students can nominate Downlands College as the delivery address.
Links to booklists will be added as they become available.



Please return all forms before Term One starts

All the forms you need are available on the website, making them much easier to access and complete, particularly if you have more than one child at Downlands. Vaccination forms are required for Year 7 students.

All Students

All new students

Students and parents will need to complete a Digital Downlands Program Agreement. The signed agreement is submitted when students collect their computer once school starts - one form per student. Without this document, your child cannot be issued with the College laptop. Remember to also list the laptop on your home insurance policy. Remember that you will be charged for all loss or damage to laptops or chargers which are not covered by accidental damage, insurance or warranty.

School Fees

Please note: Term 1 fees are due by Tuesday 24 January unless a payment plan is in place. Total annual fee must be paid by this date to attract the 3.5% discount. 
School Fee Payment Options - if you have any questions relating to payment options, please email Ms Jill Naumann, School Accounts


Vaccination forms -Year 7 students

Information about the Queensland School Immunisation Program.

Years 7 vaccinationsarescheduled on the following dates:
  • Round 1 Thursday 2 March 2017
  • Round 2 Thursday 1 June 2017
  • Round 3 Thursday 2 November 2017.

Annual flu vaccinations

The annual flu vaccinations will be given to boarding students in the second week of Term Two. If you would like your son/daughter to receive the vaccination, please complete the consent form. The cost of the vaccine is $22 (Payment by Direct Debit or Credit Card to Platinum Health Group Clearing Account). If you have already sent in forms, you are not required to send these in again. We advise that the students should receive the vaccination as it is very contagious and spreads quickly in a boarding environment. 

Vaccination forms - all Year levels


  • Tetanus bacteria are found in soil and can enter through a scratch or sore.
  • If infected, powerful toxins cause painful spasms, convulsions and lockjaw.


  • Causes difficulty in swallowing, breathlessness and suffocation.
  • Some people may develop nerve paralysis and heart failure.


  • Causes cold-like symptoms combined with red spots and blisters.
  • The blisters are very itchy and can lead to scarring of the skin.
  • Can be severe and even life-threatening, particularly in adults.
  • Diptheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Vaccination (dTpa) Form

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) 

  • Causes genital warts, cervical cancer and some cancers of the vulva, vagina, penis and anus.
  • Is very common - up to 8o% of people will be infected with genital HPV at some time.
  • Each year in Australia, more than 700 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and over 200 women die from the disease. 

Whooping Cough

  • Is a highly contagious infection spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes.
  • It causes severe coughing spasms followed by gagging, gasping or vomiting.
  • Adults with whooping cough can infect babies who can die from whooping cough.