Downlands scholarships traditionally fall into three categories: Academic, Performing Arts and All Rounder.

The concept of awarding scholarships will have differing criteria at various schools, but at Downlands we seek to offer the gift of a Downlands education to those students who aspire to be part of our community and who are keen to give something significant back to the College through demonstrated excellence, thereby enhancing established programs and events at the College.

Downlands College offers part scholarships in all three categories for students entering Year 7 or Year 10 in 2018.

Applications for 2018 Academic, All Rounder and Performing Arts scholarships for Years 7 and 10 close on Friday 10 February 2017.

Students may wish to apply for more than one scholarship category but should note that a Scholarship Application fee ($100) applies to each application for each category.

Irrespective of what school your child attends, it is necessary that you attach full documentation supporting your child’s application. All applicants should submit a résumé of achievements with the application form. This must cover academic achievement, sporting prowess and leadership/community experiences. Applications should also include your child's most recent semester reports, NAPLAN results, certificates or awards and letters of support from your child's coaches/teachers.


NEW - Senior Excellence Scholarships for entry into Year 11 at Downlands College in 2018.

Senior Excellence Scholarships will provide a wonderful opportunity for new Senior students to experience everything that Downlands has to offer. These scholarships will be awarded to NEW students enrolling in Year 11 in 2018 only.

A Scholarship Application Fee of $100.00 applies to this Scholarship Application. This fee, along with the application, must be received with this form by close of business, Friday 28 April, 2017.

All students applying for a Senior Excellence Scholarship will be required to sit an examination at 9:00am on Sunday 21 May 2017. 

To view criteria and application form for this Scholarship please click the button below.


Senior Excellence Scholarship


Academic and All Rounder Scholarship applicants are required to sit a Scholarship exam. This will be held on Sunday 12 March 2017

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Academic Scholarship

All Rounder Scholarship





All Performing Arts Scholarship applicants are required to complete an audition on Saturday 11 March 2017

During the 15 minute audition, applicants will be required to present contrasting repertoire demonstrating their skills and talent in one or more of the Performing Arts disciplines (Music, Drama or Dance). The Curriculum Leader - The Arts will contact each applicant prior to the audition to confirm audition details and requirements.

Click the button to download the 2018 Performing Arts Scholarship Application Form


Performing Arts Scholarship


Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Scholarship

Downlands has an agreement with the Academy of Fitness and High Performance (AFHP), the firm that oversees the supervision of the weights area within the Sacré Coeur Centre. One benefit of our business arrangement with AFHP is that the College is able to offer two scholarships annually. These are Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) scholarships that are delivered under the auspices of AFHP.

Should your Year 10, 11 or 12 son or daughter be interested in applying for one of these scholarships, please complete the application by clicking here and return it to me at the College by Friday 17 February via the College Office or by email to:

Click here to download the 2017 Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Scholarship Application Form 

Mr John McAtomney, Director of Co-curricular Activities